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In this service you can find additions for different type to programs (for different OS, not only Linux; for Linux and Mac too) and extensions of their functionality. Apart from plugins in the service they will also be collected bookmarklets and UserJS for webbrowsers.

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Plugins for application: AbiWord

Import/Export Plugins 2.4.6
Addons which read and write many various file and component formats. Them work well among others with BZ2 compressed files, Docbook files, WML, WordPerfect and OpenOffice (import and export) files, *.eml (MS Outlook Email files). View any Image that GTK+ can, bitmaps, JPEG and SVG images. ImageMagick supports. More-over many other formats are support but unstable (i.e. import of OpenDocument).
Download (697 KB)

Tools Plugins 2.4.6
These perform various helpful tasks from within AbiWord. A pack contains among others "aiksaurus" plugin (it's an English language thesaurus), babelfish (it translates selected text with BabelFish online translator), addon to search online encyclopedia for selected text (unstable version) and more.
Download (721 KB)

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