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In this service you can find additions for different type to programs (for different OS, not only Linux; for Linux and Mac too) and extensions of their functionality. Apart from plugins in the service they will also be collected bookmarklets and UserJS for webbrowsers.

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Przeglądnij pluginy dla programu: Audacity

A music editor Audacity can use three types of plugins: written with Nyquist (platform independent), LADSPA (mostly for Linux, but you can run it in other operation systems) and effects VST (for Windows and for Mac OS X).

To run add-ons you copy them to "Plugins" subfolder in Audacity folder. Additional to run VST effects you must download VST Enabler, unpack this and copy in folder whit plug-ins.

Download VST Enabler 1.0 for:
[Windows (333 KB)]
[Mac OS X (29 KB)]
[Linux (22 KB)]

LADSPA plugins - Win 0.4.15
A pack of circa 100 plugins in LADSPA (Linux Audio Developer's Simple Plugin API) standard. Sound analizers, special effects, oscillators, mixers and much more.
GNU GPL # Download for:
Windows (1,5 MB), Windows (3 MB), Linux (1,1 MB)

Notch filter
Remove a single frequency such as 60 Hz or 50 Hz hum. Monophonic and stereophonic modes.
GNU GPL # Download (1 KB)

Remove tone
Determines frequency of tones and removes them are unwanted. Mode: mono and stereo.
GNU GPL # Download (4 KB)

Stereo widener
Creates the illusion that your speakers are further apart than they really are. Stereo mode.
GNU GPL # Download (2 KB)

Touch Tones
A generator which produces telephone tones in Audacity. Length of tone and appended silence are definable, plus 'twist' - the ratio of the high to low tones (in db).
GNU GPL # Download (1 KB)

Plug-in which generates a wide variety of mono or stereo ounds similar to wind sounds.
GNU GPL # Download (3 KB)

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