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In this service you can find additions for different type to programs (for different OS, not only Linux; for Linux and Mac too) and extensions of their functionality. Apart from plugins in the service they will also be collected bookmarklets and UserJS for webbrowsers.

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Plugins for application: GIMP
(GNU Image Manipulation Program)
3D Screenshot 1.1.1
This addon creates a stylish 3D decoration for a screenshot. The result will be better if your image has roughly the proportions of a screenshot (16:10 is the best). It requires Script-Fu.
Download (11 KB)

GAP (GIMP Animation Package) 2.2.0
An advanced tool which simply adds the function of being able to create (and modify) animations to be able to create animations in GIMP editor (GAP requires 2.2.8 version or later).
Windows (2,5 MB) or Sources version 2.2.1 (5,3 MB)

Gimp Gallery 1.0.1
A plugin for Gimp that creates static HTML image galleries from a directory of images. Version for Linux.
Download (30 KB)

Deweirdifyer 2.1
Also know as Deweirdifier. A little plugin (addon) for Windows Gimp that gets rid of some of the weirdnesses and annoyances in the Windows version of Gimp. Adds a background window that sits under gimp. It removes the other ten million gimp windows from the task bar and the ALT-TAB menu and takes control of them itself. You can just alt tab off gimp and then alt tab back and all your windows appear as they were before. Only one icon on the taskbar, no more taskbar clutter and clicking that icon brings up *all* the gimp windows. Basically it makes GIMP work more like a single windows application than a bunch of windows. Gimp's modification GimpShop was based on this plugin.
Open Source # Download (79 KB)

An addon which allows distortion of images specified by mathematical formulae. For each pixel in the generated image, a script is evaluated which should return a pixel value. The script can either refer to a pixel in the source image or can generate pixels completely independent of the source. It supports 2.2 version or newer.
Download for: Windows (ver. 1.2.1; 1 MB) or Linux (ver. 1.2.3; 325 KB) or Mac OS X (Cocoa; 1,4 MB)

It is a Gimp plug-in for texture synthesis. Given a sample of a texture, it can create more of that texture. More-over you can use it to removing objects from images and creating themed images. Zip archive contains version for Windows (0.13) and sources (0.15).
Download (61 KB)

Save for Web 0.28
This plugin helps to find compromise between minimal file size and acceptable quality of image quickly. While adjusting various settings, you may explore how image quality and file size change. Options to reduce file size of an image include setting compression quality, number or colors, resizing, cropping, Exif information removal, etc.
Download for: Windows (52 KB) or Linux / Unix (154 KB)

Stampify script
This script for GIMP 2 makes your picture look like a stamp. For use it put it in: ..\GIMP-2.0\share\gimp\2.0\scripts (or something like that - in Windows) or in /home/yourname/.gimp-2.2/scripts (in Linux).
Download (1 KB)

UFRaw (Unidentified Flying Raw) 0.11
An utility to read and manipulate RAW, NEF and other images from digital cameras. It can be used on its own or as a Gimp plug-in. It supports full color management workflow and 100% Zooming and croping. Version for Windows.
GNU GPL # Download (1,2 MB)

Waves of Chaos 1.2
This plugin renders a kind of tilable chaotic wavy patterns that visualizes a time snapshot of a pair of coupled non-linear partial differential equations in chaotic mode. From Gimp perspective it's an expensive method to generate unorganized wavy tileable patterns. It requires GIMP 2.2 or newer.
Download (26 KB)

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