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In this service you can find additions for different type to programs (for different OS, not only Linux; for Linux and Mac too) and extensions of their functionality. Apart from plugins in the service they will also be collected bookmarklets and UserJS for webbrowsers.

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Plugins for application: HTML Kit
aaHelpSVG 1.0
Adds the ability to lookup help for tags and attributes related to using the W3C SVG 1.1 (Scalable Vector Graphics) specification.
Download (2 KB)

bsStyle 1.4
Adds a comprehensive list of menus for inserting CSS properties, templates and other related code.
Download (16 KB)

It updates Tidy module (very restricted HTML, XHTML and XML validator and corrector) included in HTML-Kit to the September-2004 version of Tidy.
Download (128 KB)

lrCyrillic 1.2
Plug-in which adds a menu for inserting Cyrillic (Russian, Bulgarian etc.) characters.
Download (3 KB)

tmCSS 1.111
This addon provides categorized menus for inserting CSS1 and CSS2 properties, values and other code snippets. It categorized menus for inserting Cascading Style Sheets level 1 and 2 related code and labels for identifying CSS2 items.
Download (26 KB)

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