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W serwisie tym znaleźć możesz różnego typu dodatki do programów rozszerzające ich podstawową funkcjonalność. Dodatki te określane są zazwyczaj jako Plug-Iny (wtyczki). Oprócz pluginów w serwisie gromadzone będą też skryptozakładki i toolbary wzbogacające przeglądarki.

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Some exemple's User JavaScripts:
This userscript adds in a Digg stories links to save them to social bookmaring web service.

Emulate Greasemonkey functions
Opera's User JavaScript event listeners and magicvariables/functions may offer several advantages over Greasemonkey's (add-on for SeaMonkey, Flock, Firefox and other webbrowsers with Gecko engine) more simplistic approach, but Greasemonkey offers a few features that Opera's UserJS does not have. It can store persistent data, add temporary menu entries, and also do a few other things. This User JavaScript attempts to replicate these functions in Opera. It's not perfect, but it should allow you to use a few more Greasemonkey scripts in Opera.

Hide parsing errors
When a page served as XHTML fails XML validation, Opera displays an error message, and allows you to click a link to tell it to re-parse the page as normal HTML. This script automates clicking the link so as soon as a parsing error is displayed, the page is immediately reparsed as HTML.

Google Suggest 1.1
This script will add the autocomplete feature from Google Suggest to regular Google search pages.
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Orangoo Spell Check (Inline version) 2.01
It UserJS adds inline spell check feature to TEXTAREAs. It requires connect with Internet (script uses Orangoo online dictionary which supports 27 different languages).

TextArea Backup
The primary goal of this user javascript is to save having to retype lost text typed in forms (for example in forum or webmail). The backup should be transparent so if the page is reloaded or browser crash. The stored text is then dropped when its form is submitted. It requires Greasemonkey.

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