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In this service you can find additions for different type to programs (for different OS, not only Linux; for Linux and Mac too) and extensions of their functionality. Apart from plugins in the service they will also be collected bookmarklets and UserJS for webbrowsers.

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Plugins for application: Sylpheed Claws
CacheSaver 0.10.4
This plugin saves the caches every 60 seconds (or user-defined period). It helps avoiding the loss of metadata on crashes application or system.
Download (353 KB)

This plugin provides various ways (mail banner, popup window etc.) to notify the user of new and unread email. All modules can be activated or deactivated at compilation time, and are highly configurable at run time.
Download (353 KB)

PDF Viewer 0.2
This plugin enables the viewing of PDF and PostScript attachments using the Poppler lib and GhostScript.
Download (368 KB)

RSSyl 0.11
This plugin allows you to read your favorite newsfeeds in Claws. RSS 1.0, 2.0 and Atom feeds are currently supported. Customisable refresh interval for each feed and customisable number of feed items to keep for each feed.
Download (445 KB)

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